legal scope

Purchase conditions


The User will be able to access the acquisition of the products offered by Hyskin through the Website by entering the requested data in the corresponding form of the Website’s shopping gateway. Subsequently, the User must follow all the steps of the purchase procedure marked by the Website.

Likewise, the purchase gateway of the Website will inform the User , once the purchase procedure is completed, via email, of all the relevant characteristics of the product purchased. If the User does not receive the confirmation email within twenty-four hours after the end of the purchase, it will be the responsibility of the User to confirm with Hyskin Transaction approval.

The prices of the products offered on the Website include Value Added Tax (VAT) or other taxes that may be applicable and in any case will be expressed in the Euro (€) currency.

Orders placed on the Hyskin Website will be governed by the prices offered for each product at the time of ordering. The applicable prices will be those published automatically during the purchase process in the last phase of the purchase. The User will always be informed of the final price of the purchase of a product prior to the end of the purchase gateway.



The User may make the payment by selecting one of the payment methods available on the Website (card payment, installment payment, bank transfer payment, PayPal payment). Some payment methods may entail a surcharge on the final price so the User will be informed on each occasion in advance.

  • Specifically, the User must take into account the following:
    Card payment: the User can make the payment of your order by debit or credit card. The Website uses the payment gateway of an external provider (BANCA MARCH) although it is integrated into the Hyskin Website.
  • Payment by transfer: the User must make the transfer to a bank account of BANCA MARCH that will be indicated at the end of the purchase process. The User at the time of the transfer, must indicate in the concept of the transfer the order number that will be provided by Hyskin at the end of the purchase process. The User is aware and accepts that the method of payment by transfer may imply a delay in the delivery of the order since Hyskin will not initiate the preparation of the shipment until it has verified that the Amount transferred matches the exact amount of the order. Hyskin will not assume any cost for possible bank charges that are applicable, so the User must assume such fees.
  • Payment through PayPal: User can use the PayPal platform as a payment gateway for the amount of the product purchased on the Website. Hyskin will not charge any extra surcharge for the use of this payment method.

Any payment made to Hyskin will entail the issuance of an invoice in the name of the User according to the data provided during the contracting gateway, which will be sent by email to the address provided by the User .